Broker of the Year

Please note that if you may only submit in this category if you work independently.

This award honors the Broker based on broker’s total consideration of transactions during 2017 on the basis of deals executed that year with contingencies met. Broker is defined as a 100% commission-based, not salaried professional.

If the broker is on an ongoing team, they may not submit in this category.  The award recognizes the Broker based on leasing activity only.  Sale activity is not applicable to this award.

For transactions where the Broker had a ‘teammate’, only your prorate portion of the commission shall be counted (determine prorate based on commission split).

All required fields must be answered. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. The deadline to submit nomination(s) is 4pm on January 12, 2018- No exceptions.

Submissions will be judged by:

  • Total consideration of the broker
  • Number of transactions by the broker concluded during the year prior to the Awards Gala.
  • Total square footage concluded during the year prior to the Awards Gala.
  • Evaluation of the sum total of work’s impact
  • NAIOP Member