Office Lease of the Year

The award recognizes the commercial real estate Office Lease of the Year. Award goes to landlord broker(s) and tenant rep. broker(s) (if applicable) or recognized consultant. The Lease is recognized in the year it is executed and clears all contingencies, NOT the year the tenant moves in to new space.

Eligible recipients:

  • Landlord and tenant rep. broker(s)

  • Residents of Middle Tennessee

  • Recognized consultant

All required fields must be answered. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. The deadline to submit nomination(s) is 4pm on January 11, 2019- No exceptions.

  • Tenant name

  • Tenant broker name

  • Landlord broker name

  • Ownership of the building or developer

  • Address of the building

  • Total consideration

  • What special circumstances or unique attributes make this transaction worthy of consideration?

  • Total square footage

  • Name of the building or project (include the address if the building or project does not have a name)

  • Please give a brief description of the transaction and its significance to the city and this award

  • Name and contact information of the nominator

  • Photo or rendering should be emailed to by 4pm on January 11, 2019