NAIOP's Developing Leaders Program

Thanks to our Developing Leaders Program Sponsor.

Thanks to our Developing Leaders Program Sponsor.

NAIOP’s Developing Leaders is an exclusive program geared specifically for all commercial real estate professionals age 35 and under. Your membership entitles you to participate in our extensive network, gain instant access to the latest industry news and enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities.

But most importantly, our program was designed to help you move your career forward by offering you the tools to propel you to the next level. So, for those ready to connect with their peers nationwide and gain instant access to leaders of the industry, participation in the DL program is a no-brainer.

All NAIOP members who are age 35 or under qualify to participate in the DL program, no matter if you joined through the DL membership category or as part of a corporate membership. As long as you meet the age requirements — and NAIOP has your date of birth on file to verify it — you are automatically considered a DL and have immediate access to all the benefits of the program.

Developing Leaders Fellowship

The NAIOP Developing Leaders Fellowship is an education, networking and leadership program. Each year, a select group of real estate professionals unite to take part in the twelve-month fellowship designed to educate, develop, connect and elevate the commercial real estate industry’s emerging leaders. The program offers extensive networking and relationship-building activities, planning and travel for a market study and guidance from leading industry executives through quarterly mentorship meetings exclusive to Fellows. Key benefits of this unique program include:

  • Networking sessions that provide Fellows the opportunity to develop relationships with a peer group who will grow in the business together in the ensuing years, providing access to critical resources in a range of disciplines and meaningful connections that will serve them in their career growth. 
  • Access to key decision makers in the commercial real estate industry. These individuals will serve as role models and mentors for the next generation of real estate business leaders. 
  • Market study: DL Fellowship participants will select a topic and city to study. Participants will plan the market study of their choice and travel to meet with key CRE professionals in their chosen market. 

2018 Fellows


Ben Bonner

Magnolia Capital Investments

Kaitlyn Jones

RC Mathews

Tanner Hicklin


Matt Kuykendall

Holladay Properties

Jack Richmond

AJ Capital Partners

Ryan Rohe

Gresham, Smith & Partners

Chase Davidson, Casey Dyer


Parker Prevost

Brasfield & Gorrie

Brent Janan

Boyle Investment Company

Nick Mann


Lauren Riegle



2018 Mentors


Lewis Agnew

Don Albright

Allen Arender 

Dan Bauchiero 

Emily Bowman

John Cannon

Sue Earnest

Gina Emmanuel 

Whitfield Hamilton 

Jeff Haynes

Courtney Ross 

Uday Sehgal

Rick Helton

Kelly Hodges 

Tom Hooper 

Steve Kulinski 

Vincent Lefler 

Thomas McDaniel 

Dave McGahren 

Dirk Melton

Janet Miller 

Jody Moody 

Brian Reames