Brokerage Team of the Year: Capital Markets

The award recognizes the commercial real estate Brokerage Team of the Year-- Capital Markets. This award honors the Brokerage Team based on the team’s total consideration of transactions during the year prior to the Awards Gala on the basis of deals executed that year with contingencies met. The team must be formalized on an ongoing basis where members share revenue on most transactions (not ad hoc teams). Deals completed by individual members of the team but not shared by the team do not count towards the total consideration of the team. 

The local team’s total consideration collected during the year prior to the Awards i.e. consideration of the Nashville team’s proportionate share when there is an outside broker or out of town broker involved in the transaction. For example if New York office and Nashville office are sharing the fees on the total consideration on a 50% -50% split, then the consideration for that transaction should only include 50%.

Eligible recipients:

  • Brokerage team is defined as a team of brokers whose members are 100% commission-based (not salaried) real estate professionals.  

  • Residents of Middle Tennessee

  • NAIOP Member(s)

All required fields must be answered. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. The deadline to submit nomination(s) is 4pm on January 11, 2019- No exceptions.

  • Team members names and titles

  • Name and address of their firm

  • Total consideration of the team, see above for description

  • Number of transactions by the team concluded during the year prior to the Awards Gala.

  • Top three deals of the year

  • Total square footage concluded during the year prior to the Awards Gala.

  • Evaluation of the sum total of work’s impact 

  • List of NAIOP Members

  • Name and address of managing director of the firm

  • Name and contact information of the nominator

  • Team photo or head-shots need to be emailed to by 4pm on January 11, 2019